Stewardship: Giving All to God

តួ​នាទី​ជា​អ្នក​មើលការ​ខុសត្រូវ៖ ថ្វាយ​ទាំងអស់​ដល់​ទ្រង់

Book Details

Stewardship: Giving All to God is a discipleship book to reveal the Biblical teaching on stewardship. The topics include not just stewardship of finances, but stewardship in all areas of a person’s life.

Author (s): Andrew Rankin
Date: 2004, 2011
Language (s): Khmer, English (ភាសាខ្មែរ, អង់គ្លេស)
Topics/Tags: Stewardship, discipleship
Pages: 116

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