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Saving God’s Face is a sophisticated and thoughtful monograph written at the intersection of Chinese culture, contextualization theory, and debates about the New Perspective on Paul. Wu leverages a dialogical theory of contextualization in order to show how honor-shame concepts in Chinese culture can help Christians understand the ‘glory’ and ‘honor’ images found in the […]

This document provides a good overview of Cambodia and living here for the new arrival. However, it needs updating. Does any other team have a better one they are willing to post? You can do so in the “Add Resource” section of the website.

The work of Geert Hofstede into national and organisation culture unfortunately does not include Cambodia, but looking at his research, can you see where Cambodia might fit on each scale?

A summary of what is involved in ethnographic research.

Sourced from fhi360 publication Qualitative Research Methods: A Data Collector’s Field Guide

A scanned chapter from James Spradley’s “The Ethnographic Interview”

Dr. Ian Dicks of Global Interaction has developed the Engaging Culture and Worldview Inquiry Programme (ECWIP) to assist cross-cultural workers to better understand the host culture.  In total, it is a three year programme spanning 30 topics of inquiry and outlines the basic steps necessary for developing an insider’s perspective on the host culture. The […]

Highlights the importance of the sower of Matthew 13 to understand and cultivate the soil into which he was sowing, and the significance of this for modern missions.

A great wake-up call on the critical importance of language and culture and why so many of us fall short.

An article on how to reach Buddhists.