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The book is a series of short, simple, illustrated health lessons related to the health problems that most affect Cambodians. The title of the book is, “Wisdom is the Best Medicine”. And the premise of the book is that God is the source of wisdom; and as we trust and obey God, we grow in […]

A simple, illustrated summary of the Bible to use with non-Christians and new Christians. Photocopying of this book is not only permitted, it’s encouraged! If you have any suggestions about the book, please contact: [email protected] Download for free in PDF format:

A 18-page fully-colored Gospel tract which seeks to point people back to the first and only true religion as the belief in the one true God who may only be known through Jesus Christ. It answers the following questions: Why are there so many beliefs and religions?  Which path is the ancient path? Can man […]

A 9-page fully-colored Gospel tract which comes at the Gospel through the issue of honoring parents. Unbelievers in Cambodia attack Christianity on this point, assuming that Christians do not believe in honoring their parents. Also addressed in this tract is the importance of not only honoring one’s parents while they are alive, but even more […]

A short creation-to-Christ tract explaining the way of salvation through Jesus Christ using 7 pictures and verses. Adapted with permission from Two Ways to Live ©2003 Available at: CAMA, Family Bookstore Individual copies are 600 riel, but in packs of 50 they are 500 riel each. If someone buys a case of 1200, they […]