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Four warnings for pastors taken from the life of Jonah. Available in eBook format only.

Internationally esteemed as an expository preacher and evangelical spokesman, John Stott edified thousands of Christian preachers and listeners during his lifetime. His writings, marked by a special clarity of expression, continue to speak to readers around the world. This book abridges and revises the text of Stott’s Between Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching Today, […]


The Bible League Cambodia has worked over the last several years to write a series of useful and compelling study notes – relevant to the local context – to accompany the existing Khmer language Cambodian Bible. And now you can download the Khmer Bible for free! These notes aren’t a mere translation of preexisting content […]

With all the uncertainties in the world today it would be easy to think that no one is in control. In “From Why To Worship”, Jonathan Lamb draws from the experience of someone who was tempted to think the same way, who was desperately confused and had persistently wrestled with God. But his questions “Why?” […]

“Reading this book has helped to give me more ideas and also cut down on the time spent in study and preparation for my teaching and preaching,” said a pastor who has read “Preaching God’s BigStory”. This new series of guide book of 96 pages clearly and correctly explains the Word of God. The writer, […]

Do you want a book that carefully explains the verses of the gospel of Mark, stanza by stanza, in chronological order? “Preaching Mark” is one book in a series of books on “Preaching the wonderful plan of God”, each of which are popular and best-sellers. The book includes many examples, the explanations to the verses […]