who is my friend?

Cambodian author Yoeun Channy and Cambodian illustrator Pang Kanthoeum join hands to tell the story of an ugly frog and his desire to make friends with the other animals. At first the others can only see the unattractive outside of Frog. But eventually Gosling, Grasshopper and Worm discover the heart within Frog is far more […]

The Apostle Paul said to young Timothy, “Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” (2 Tim. 2:2). The Teacher Training Book for Creative Bible Lessons is an extremely useful tool for those who are actively multiplying and equipping teachers for children’s ministries. Teachers of […]

In cooperation with the EFC Children’s Commission and Generations Ministries, Fount of Wisdom is pleased to offer a new Bible curriculum for children, ages 6-8. Complete with attention-grabbing colored pictures, this resource of 2 books will guide teachers in bringing the stories of the Bible to life for young, school-aged children. Each of the 52 lessons […]

For anyone who has ever wondered how Christians should act and think outside the walls of the worship place, this brief little tool can set them on their way. While youth are the target audience, adults and younger children can be challenged also to “walk the talk” in their home setting. By Bertram Lim Price: […]


Did you enjoy the first set of Creative Bible Lessons (Year One, Primary Years)? If so, you will be excited to know that Year Two of this high quality Curriculum will be available from Fount of Wisdom at the end of September 2010. Fifty-two additional lessons await your eager children, including full color visual aids […]

Dig Deeper is a toolbox, which teaches students of God’s Word how to get to the bottom of any Bible passage and discover the true meaning. This resource will assist any follower of Christ, and in particular those teaching others, to experience God’s clear guidance for living, and to know Him as He has made […]

Who says Christianity is the One Truth? Why should anyone believe a many thousands-year-old book that some claim to be the Word of God? Historical Christian Evidences is a New Testament curriculum that will guide the reader-student to discover the reliability of biblical teachings in light of documented historical happenings. This is a great resource […]

The first volume of David Painter’s work, The Bread of Life, examines Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of John, chapters 1-6. Bilingual (English/Khmer), this series is a useful tool for students, teachers and preachers, as well as small groups, looking for a guide to take them deeper into God’s Word. Price: USD 3.00 Pages: 138 […]

Thousands of years before the coming of Christ, God began opening the way for Man to understand His loving and redemptive plan. Today’s Christians can glean a deeper knowledge of God’s work through the ages by using this how-to guidebook to celebrate the Israelites’ Passover in small groups and larger church gatherings. English version available […]

Oh no! The children will be here in 30 minutes and I don’t have any new ideas for games. We’ve used the same games week after week. I think they are becoming bored!!” Have you ever had that panic-filled thought? Who hasn’t  Fount of Wisdom, in cooperation with the EFC Children’s Commission, has developed a very useful resource […]