Do you want a book that carefully explains the verses of the gospel of Mark, stanza by stanza, in chronological order? “Preaching Mark” is one book in a series of books on “Preaching the wonderful plan of God”, each of which are popular and best-sellers. The book includes many examples, the explanations to the verses […]

Written and illustrated by Cambodians, this bi-lingual children’s book tells the story of Pea, a little rabbit, and his mysterious, but deeply painful, memory of an event that took place in the garden behind his house. This colorful book can be a tool for helping children express similar memories they may have, or simply help […]

Many children in Cambodia have been deeply wounded by the loss of a parent or another beloved caregiver. This bilingual children’s book tells the story of Popi, a little kitten who has lost his father suddenly. This colorful. easy-to-read book can be an avenue for children to share their personal losses with a trusted adult. […]

“I AM the bread of life” are the words of Jesus, describing how He humbled Himself to become man, in order that all people can have eternal life. “The story of rice” has the same theme. Mrs Ayako Ogawa Beltran is the writer and illustrator of “The story of rice”, a modern-day parable that can […]

Many people think about writing something but usually find it difficult to make a start. In order to help them put their ideas on paper, Fount of Wisdom Christian publishing house planned a workshop “Editor – Writer Workshops“. Through this workshop, 8 new Cambodian Christian writers, expressing themselves in the Khmer language, were able to […]

Some time a child may wander a bit far from home result in losing family and all that is familiar in an instant! In this bilingual children’s story, that is exactly what happened to Birdy. Wanting to give flying a try, Birdy now finds himself trapped in a cage at a stranger’s home. This beautifully […]

The Owner of Nature: this is the starting point of the Gospel message to people of all ages and walks of life, especially for the vast populations of Asia who have been influenced by Pali and Sanskrit thought.​ Just give this book to those you have befriended and the simplicity of the Gospel message will encourage […]

Did you enjoy the first set of Creative Bible Lessons (Year One, Primary Years)? If so, you will be excited to know that Year Two of this high quality Curriculum will be available from Fount of Wisdom at the end of September 2010. Fifty-two additional lessons await your eager children, including full color visual aids […]

Author Sophear Simorn and illustrator Chan Sokha Moeun display their skills in an imaginative children’s story entitled, “The Orange Tree Can Speak”. Have you ever come across an orange tree that could speak? This orange tree helps two children to learn to work together, share what they have and not cheat each other. More than […]

This is the story of Samly, a little elephant in the jungle. One day his father is shot dead by hunters, and it seems all of life unravels before Samly’s eyes. Will life ever return to normal for Samly and his family? This bilingual children’s story, written and illustrated by Cambodians, helps children to process […]