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We are happy to announce some new Khmer Christian audio books available to listen online and download for offline use! Click here to listen!

2014 is our second year of running and it’s been a good year! Here are some statistics from 2014. 2014 Year in Review Total: 24,684 views 6,180 visitors (181.46% increase from 2013) Most popular eBooks: Fundamentals of the Faith had 658 downloads A Brief Introduction to the Bible had 569 downloads Four Blood Moons Review […]

និពន្ធដោយ លោក ធីម ឆលី (Tim Challies) បកប្រែ​ដោយ​មាន​ការអនុញ្ញាត​ពី​គេហទំព័រ៖ បកប្រែ​ដោយ លោក ឈាង បូរ៉ា និង លោក ជួប ប៊ុនហាក់

We wanted to make you aware of a Khmer Bible Concordance software that is available for free download. This resource could be invaluable to many pastors as well as students of God’s Word. This is the first (and I believe only) full concordance of the Khmer Old Bible. It isn’t exactly a book or an […]

There is a new website with online Khmer Christian resources at Currently the site is only a preview of what is to come (the site design is also temporary), but already there are some great resources for Christians on the site including Bible studies, sermons, theological booklets, sermon aids and more. Many of the resources […]

What subjects do you think the Cambodian church needs more resources on? Discipleship? Theology? Apologetics? Sexual Purity? Family Living? Parenting? Leadership? There are so many avenues and so many needs, but what do you think is most needed and why? Also, what medium do you think is most needed? Audio? Videos? Books? Perhaps through this […]

As Christians, our work should be of the best quality because we are working for the King of Kings! Our work should cause non-believers to marvel and seek out the one we serve! One failure of Christian publishers in Cambodia (myself included) is that we have published sub-par Christian books in the Khmer language. This […]

Why did we create this site? Because after being in Cambodia for some time we still have a hard time knowing what Christian resources exist in the Khmer language. To our knowledge there is no comprehensive list on the web of Christian resources in Khmer and so instead of waiting for someone to create that […]